College Squash Reminders (9/6/2012)


Northampton, MA — On Thursday, the e-mail below was sent to CSA coaches, team contacts, and Sports Information Directors.

Coaches, Team Contacts, and SIDs,

A few reminders:

  1. Rule Updates: Over the summer, the College Squash Association’s rules were reviewed by the men’s and women’s Executive Committees. A number of changes were enacted. These rules are effective for the 2012 – 2013 season. Coaches and Team Contacts need to be familiar with these rule updates. Please see the high level summary of these changes on the website.
  2. Team Preview Questionnaires:The deadline to submit team preview questionnaires is October 5th. We are about to begin publishing team previews.
    1. The following schools have already submitted questionnaires: Bates (M), Bates (W), BC (M), BC (W), Bucknell (M), Colgate (M), Connecticut (M), Connecticut (W), Drexel (M), Drexel (W), George Washington (M), Georgetown (W), Hamilton (M), Hamilton (W), Harvard (M), Harvard (W), Illinois Springfield (M), Lehigh (M), Minnesota (M), Minnesota (W), Naval Academy (M), North Carolina (M), Penn (M), Penn (W), Penn State (M), Princeton (W), Rochester (M), Southern California (M), St. Lawrence (M), St. Lawrence (W), Trinity (M), Vassar (W), Vassar (M), Virginia (M), Virginia (W), Washington (M), Washington (St. Louis) (M), Wesleyan (M), Wesleyan (W), William Smith (W), Yale (M), and Yale (W)
  3. Doubles: The 28th annual Intercollegiate Doubles Championships will be held October 4-6th in Philadelphia, PA. The entry deadline for the 2012 Intercollegiate Doubles Championships is Friday, 9/29/2012. For additional information, please view the 2012-2013 Intercollegiate Doubles Tournament article on the website. Also, there will be a Maine and Maryland at Meadow Mill (Baltimore, MD) on September 28th – 30th, which could be a nice doubles warm up prior to the Intercollegiate Doubles Championship.
  4. World Squash Day: World Squash Day in October 20th. If any teams are planning events, please let me know.

Also, on Thursday, the e-mail below was sent to club coaches and team contacts:

Club Coaches and Team Contacts,

The College Squash Association recently updated its rules. Please review the changes.

Of particular importance are the qualification requirements for nine-player club teams for the National Team Championships. To summarize:

  • Must play eight (8) matches against other CSA teams to enter team championships
  • Must play at least four (4) matches between January 1st and February 10th
  • Must to have at least five (5) different opponents

These rule changes have been enacted to improve the ranking of teams and the competitive standard of the league. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you,