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Reminder: College Squash Annual Dues Must Be Paid By December 1st

Northampton, MA — Last night, the e-mail below was sent to coaches, team contacts, and sports information directors.

Coaches, Team Contacts, and SIDs,

Below are five important College Squash Association reminders.

  1. Annual Dues: College Squash Association annual dues must be paid by December 1st.  Schools may pay their annual fee through the CSA’s online payment form.  If needed, schools may also pay through the mail.
  2. Team Championship Fees: Varsity teams must pay their Team Championship entry fees by December 1st.  Club teams may pay their Team Championship entry fees through January 25th. Entry fees may be paid online or through the mail.
  3. Reporting Scores and Team Rankings:  All teams must report their match scores within 24 hours of the conclusion of a match in the US Squash/CSA Database.  If match scores are not reported, teams will be dropped from the next team rankings.
  4. Adding Players to the US Squash Database: Teams must have each member of their roster listed in the US Squash Database.  Here is the link for instructions for adding players.
  5. Match Play: All teams should make an effort to speed up the flow of matches, especially at round robins. As stated in the CSA’s Match Play Rules, warm-ups should be five minutes before a match (2 1/2 minutes per side), there should be only 15 minutes between matches if the five-court system is being used, and there should be only 90 seconds between each game.

The email included a list of schools and what they still need to pay (Varsity Teams December 1st for Annual Dues and Team Championships Entry Fees; Club Teams December 1st for Annual Dues, by January 25th for Team Championship Entry Fees).