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2011 Men’s College Squash Video: Chaffee Cup Finals – MIT and Vanderbilt #2s

Here is video of the exciting five-game match between Zomnir (MIT) and Kopp (Vanderbilt).

Fourth Annual Jester’s Southeastern College Squash Invitational

Bob Burton reports on SESRA’s recent college tournament.

Vanderbilt: 2010 – 2011 Men’s College Squash Season Preview

Vanderbilt finished the 2009-2010 season with a winning record and the F Division title.

CSA Midwest Singles Squash Tournament (Video)

Notre Dame coach Geoff McCuen prepared a video on the College Squash Association Midwest Singles Tournament.

US Squash Open and the CSA Midwest Singles Squash Tournament

Congratulations to the four regional finalists for the CSA Midwest Singles Tournament.

2009-2010 Scholar Athletes for the Men’s College Squash Association

Academic success is crucial to any college sport, including squash. Therefore, the Men's College Squash Association recognizes scholar athletes.


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