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Drexel: 2018-2019 Men’s College Squash Preview

Over the previous five seasons leading up to last year, the Drexel Men’s Squash team steadily marched up the rankings, finishing as high as...

2016-2017 Men’s College Squash All-Americans

The Men's CSA has announced its 2016-2017 First and Second All-American teams.

2016 Men’s College Squash: Drexel and Williams #1s (Video)

Here is video from the match between Bransten Ming (Drexel) and John Fitzgerald (Williams).

Harrow Sports College Squash Player of the Week (12/4/2016)

Tufts' Claire Davidson and Drexel's Michael Thompson have been named the players of the week.

Drexel: 2016 – 2017 Men’s College Squash Season Preview

Drexel continued its rise in the rankings last season.

Photos from the 2016 Men’s College Squash Team Championships: Drexel and Princeton #2s

Here are photos of the match between Ibrahim Bakir (Drexel) and Cody Cortes (Princeton).


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