Men’s Bylaws


The name of this organization shall be known as the Men’s College Squash Association (MCSA).


The objective of this Association is to promote, develop and administer men’s intercollegiate squash in the United States.


A. All teams will operate under the guidelines and direction of the CSA and their respective collegiate association.

B. Teams will compete following the rules of the World Squash Federation (WSF).

C. All competing players must be eligible as per NCAA regulations.

D. All players must warm-up and play utilizing WSF approved protective eyewear.


A. The Association shall consist of the five charter members (Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Trinity and Yale) and such other colleges and universities having facilities for playing squash that are elected by a majority vote of the membership of the Association.

B. Application for membership in the Association shall be made to the President by an officer of the athletic organization of the institution seeking membership. There are two types of membership as follows:

  1. Elected members are those teams with coaches and varsity status
  2. Associate members are those teams without varsity status

The President may admit such institution provisionally so that its representatives may compete.  Membership shall become final only by majority vote of the Association.

C. Dues for the Association shall be due and payable each year by the set deadline. The amount of dues shall be decided at the Annual Meeting by a majority of the members.  The dues shall be used to meet the expenses of the organization.

D. Each elected member shall have a single vote, to be cast by the coach or, upon designation by the coach, an assistant coach. Only teams with varsity status may be voting members.


A. The voting officers of the MCSA shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, two At-Large representatives, the President Emeritus and the Rankings Chair.  The duties of Treasurer shall be assumed by the President.  These officers shall be elected from among the official representatives of the membership.  The officers shall hold office for two years.

B. The President/Treasurer shall act as the chief executive of the Association and as the ultimate arbiter regarding the interpretation of the rules of the Association.  He shall represent the Association in all matter of business, shall make sure other officers and committees perform their tasks, shall prepare appropriate agendas for meetings, and shall preside at all meeting of the Association and of the Executive Committee.  He shall also act as the Chief Financial Officer of the Association, managing all financial matters including, but not limited to, accounts payable and receivable.  He will oversee all the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director.

C. The Vice-President shall be responsible for assisting the President with all his duties.  He may at the request of the president oversee; with binding power, the Executive Director.  He shall assume the duties of the President in his absence.

D. The Secretary with support of the Executive Director shall be responsible for keeping and publishing the records of all meetings (including minutes) and results of tournaments; be responsible for updating the bylaws of the Association; and collect dues and other revenues of the Association.

E. The Rankings Chair will oversee all team and individual rankings throughout the year, manage current rankings processes, and propose new procedures to the Executive Committee.


The President may select from his voting officers and/or select others to serve on the Executive Committee.  Current executive positions are: Rules and Ethics, Awards, Sponsorship and Tournaments. Each of these portfolios is required to develop their own operating procedures which are to be approved by the Committee.  Executive Committee positions are filled as required by the President.


The MCSA shall conduct each year a Team Championship and an Individual Championship.


A. The executive committee shall select up to 20 players to be awarded MCSA All-American and Second Team All-American status.

B.  The Sloane Award shall be awarded annually to the team which best exemplified the ideals of sportsmanship throughout the season.

C. The Barnaby Trophy shall be awarded to the most improved team for the season.

D. The Pool Trophy shall be awarded to the winner of the MCSA Individual Championship.

E. The Skillman Sportsmanship Award shall be presented to the player who not only has demonstrated a superior level of playing ability, but who also exemplifies the ideals of sportsmanship throughout his CSA career.

F. The Potter Trophy shall be presented to the winner of the MCSA Team Championships and as well appropriate awards shall be presented to the winners of the other divisions.


The bylaws may be amended by the members upon a majority vote, provided that the proposed amendment shall be printed in the agenda for the meeting.  The Bylaws may also be amended by the Executive Committee, provided that five (5) members approve such amendment, and provided such proposed revisions are circulated to the Executive Committee members in advance of such meeting.

Revised September 25, 2014.

Revised August 31, 2013.

Revised September 12, 2012.

Revised 1/2005