Eyewear Rules

In accordance with the rules of squash adopted by the College Squash Association, collegiate players are required to wear approved eyewear in any practice, warm-up, or competition (singles or doubles). This mandatory requirement applies to any dual match, individual tournament, or team tournament where players are representing their respective institutions or playing in an approved U.S. Squash event. It also applies to any participants representing the U.S. in international collegiate competition.

The College Squash Association follows US Squash’s policy on Protective Eyewear, including US Squash list of Approved Eyewear.

DISCLAIMER: The College Squash Association does not test or certify eyewear. It is an individual’s responsibility to ensure that their eyewear meets or exceeds the standards of US Squash’s Protective Eyewear policy.

RULES: Approved eyewear must be worn for the entirety of a match, from the beginning of the warm-up until the match’s conclusion. Standard eyeglasses may not be worn in lieu of approved eyewear, even if the eyeglasses have plastic lenses. In the event of a player not having approved eyewear for their match, the rules for a self-inflicted injury apply. In the event that a player’s eyewear breaks during a match, the injury rule may be required to determine the result. This would only be needed in the case of prescription glasses that cannot be immediately replaced. In the event of a player not having approved eyewear and a suitable replacement not being found, the player must forfeit the match.

COACHES: It is up to each institution’s coach to make sure that each member of their team has approved eyewear before the start of each season as well as suitable replacement pairs for the duration of the season.