Eligibility Rules

Eligibility for intercollegiate squash competition shall be determined by each College Squash Association member institution in accordance with NCAA rules.

These rules are complex, and they are different for each NCAA Division.

Elected Member Institutions (Varsity Teams): Any questions about eligibility should be referred to an institution’s NCAA compliance staff member for a ruling.

What follows is a brief overview of NCAA eligibility rules:

  • NCAA Division I: First year graduate students may be eligible if they have one of their 4 years of eligibility remaining and if they are within the 5-year window beginning the day they enrolled in college. Ivy League rules are more restrictive and are similar to NCAA Division III rules.
  • NCAA Division III: First year graduate students are only eligible if they are enrolled for a graduate degree at the same institution they attended as an undergraduate, have a year of eligibility remaining, and fall within the 5-year window.

Individuals should check their NCAA Division Manuals and speak to their NCAA compliance staff members to clarify any eligibility questions they may have about their teams.

Associate Member Institutions (Club and Emerging Programs): Non-varsity teams do not generally have access to their institution’s NCAA compliance staff. Therefore, associate members do not have the ability to clear a player’s eligibility for extenuating circumstances. The College Squash Association expects associate member institutions to adhere to NCAA eligibility rules; however, to ease the process, the following requirements for associate members must be adhered to:

  • Player must be enrolled at the associate member institution
  • Players only have four years of eligibility
  • Injury waivers will not be granted
  • Club and Emerging programs may not have graduate students participate in college squash competition.

Gender: Unless an exemption is granted by both the Men’s and Women’s Executive Committees, a player at Elected Member (varsity team) institutions must play for the team of their gender. Please note the following:

  • If a school only has a men’s team, a woman may represent the school in CSA matches.
  • If a school only has a women’s team, a man may not represent the school in CSA matches.

At Associate Member (club teams) institutions with both men’s and women’s teams, a man may not play on a women’s team. A woman may play on a men’s team, under the following conditions:

  • At the beginning of the season, the player chooses which gender team she will represent
  • Once she has played an official match (top 9 ladder position) for one gender, she must continue to play on that gender’s team through the beginning of the next season.

If an institution has a men’s varsity program and a women’s club program, the stipulations above apply.

Updated on September 3, 2012.

Updated on September 25, 2015.