(B) Kurtz Cup

Women’s teams ranked ninth through sixteenth compete for the Kurtz Cup, a permanent trophy presented to the winners of the B division of the National Team Championships.

The Kurtz Cup is named for Aggie Bixler Kurtz. While working under Betty Richey at Vassar, Kurtz organized the first women’s national intercollegiate individual tournament, which was held at Wellesley in 1965. Kurtz went on to start a women’s squash team at Dartmouth in 1972 and was a long-time contributor to the development of the College Squash Association and one of its predecessors, the United States Women’s Intercollegiate Squash Racquets Association. Kurtz was inducted into the College Squash Hall of Fame in 1996 and the U.S. Squash Hall of Fame in 2005. She received the College Squash Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000.


  • 1998: Bowdoin College (Brian Callahan)
  • 1999: Williams College (Julie Greenwood)
  • 2000: Bowdoin College (Sharon Bradley)
  • 2001: Williams College (Julie Greenwood)
  • 2002: University of Pennsylvania (James Martel)
  • 2003: Bowdoin College (Tomas Fortson)
  • 2004: Bates College (John Illig)
  • 2005: Bates College (John Illig)
  • 2006: Bates College (John Illig)
  • 2007: Cornell University (Julee Devoy)
  • 2008: Williams College (Zafi Levy)
  • 2009: Brown University (Stuart Legassick)
  • 2010: Dartmouth College (Hansi Wiens)
  • 2011: Brown University (Stuart leGassick)
  • 2012: Brown University (Stuart leGassick)
  • 2013: Dartmouth College (Hansi Wiens)
  • 2014: George Washington University (Wendy Lawrence)
  • 2015: Stanford University (Mark Talbott)
  • 2016: Dartmouth College (Hansi Wiens)
  • 2017: Dartmouth College (Hansi Wiens)