Chaffee Award

The Chaffee Award is given annually to a coach whose team has demonstrated the qualities of sportsmanship, teamwork, character, and improvement. More information about the selection criteria and process can be found at Awards Criteria.

In 1987, the women’s squash team at Williams College donated this award in honor of their former coach, Clarence C. Chaffee.  Chaffee began Williams’s squash program in 1938, coached the school’s first intercollegiate team in 1939, and led the program until his retirement in 1970. In the words of Jack Barnaby, the legendary coach of Harvard University and longtime friend and colleague of Chaffee: “If ever I had a favorite amongst my rival coaches it had to be ‘Chafe.’ He exemplified that now disappearing type: the gentleman sportsman. Soccer, tennis, squash, skiing–you name it, Chafe was good at it and reveled in it. His love of competition, his unfailing sense of fair play, and the values he and his wife exemplified to all his players made him such a beloved coach that his fame went far and wide and still flourishes today. I know I speak for all the coaches of his era when I pay him tribute: We loved him, too.”