2017 College Squash Individual Championships: Day 1 Report


College Squash AssociationHanover, NH — The first day of individuals is complete.

Ramsay Cup (Women’s A Division): Top-seed and last season’s Ramsay Cup finalist Reeham Sedky (Penn) advanced with a 3-0 victory over Stanford’s Casey Wong. 2016 semifinalist Kayley Leonard (Harvard) also advanced with 3-0 win against 2017 Richey Award winner Breanne Flynn (George Washington). Princeton’s Olivia Fiechter defeated the other remaining 2016 semifinalist, Wesleyan’s Laila Samy.

The following players advanced: Reeham Sedky (Penn), Jenny Scherl (Yale), Olivia Fiechter (Princeton), Kayley Leonard (Harvard), Raneem Sharaf (Trinity), Marie Stephan (Penn), Lucy Beecroft (Yale), and Georgina Kennedy (Harvard)

Women’s B DivisionThe winners of each of the four Holleran Cup draws earn 2nd Team All-American honors. Please note that several players had byes in the opening round of the tournament.

In the Holleran North Draw, the following players won to advance out of the first round: Mary Fung-a-Fat (Drexel), Jui Kalgutkar (Columbia), Luca Polgar (Bates), Jacqueline Barnes (Dartmouth), Madison Soukup (Princeton), and Kate Feeley (Princeton).

In the Holleran South Draw, the following players advanced: Eleonore Evans (Harvard), Gabriella Garr (Princeton), Anne Blasberg (Dartmouth), and Tara Shannon (Princeton).

In the Holleran East Draw, the following players advanced: Anna Hughes (Drexel), Quincy Beck (Brown), Hayley Hughes (Drexel), Samantha Chai (Princeton), Beatrijs Kuijpers (Middlebury), Kira Keating (Princeton), and Madlen O’Connor (Columbia).

In the Holleran West Draw, the following players advanced: Ryan Morgan (Drexel), Madiha Molani (Colby), Isabel Hirshberg (Princeton), Sarah Bell (Stanford), Colette Sultana (Columbia), and Sue Ann Yong (Harvard).

Pool Trophy (Men’s A Division): Osama Khalifa (Columbia), the top-seed in this year’s tournament, began his quest for the Pool Trophy with a 3-0 victory over Drexel’s Bransten Ming. Dartmouth’s Alvin Heumann, buoyed by an enthusiastic hometown crowd, took second-seeded Mohamed El Gawarhy (St. Lawrence), to five games; El Gawarhy won 11-6 in the fifth. Ahmed Hatata continued Bates’ streak against Rick Penders (Trinity) — who fell last year in the semifinals to eventual 2016 winner Ahmed Abdel Khalek — by winning in four.

The following players advanced: Osama Khalifa (Columbia), Ahmed Hatata (Bates), Thoboki Mohohlo (Trinity), Ryosei Kobayashi (Rochester), Saadeldin Abouaish (Harvard), Ahmed Bayoumy (St. Lawrence), Mario Yanez (Rochester), and Mohamed El Gawarhy (St. Lawrence).

Men’s B Division: The winners of each of the four Molloy Cup draws earn 2nd Team All-American honors.

In the Molloy North Draw, the following players advanced: Spencer Lovejoy (Yale), Samuel Epley (Dartmouth), Jack Herold (Navy), Carson Spahr (Dartmouth), Hayes Murphy (Penn), Lawrence Kuhn (Rochester), Chris Hart (Wesleyan), and Michael Thompson (Drexel).

In the Molloy South Draw, the following players advanced: Moustafa Bayoumy (St. Lawrence), Owen Davis (Navy), Cody Cortes (Princeton), Andrew Muran (Cornell), Gabriel Morgan (Princeton), David Yacobucci (Penn), Thomas Blecher (Brown), and Jamie Oakley (George Washington)

In the Molloy East Draw, the following players advanced: Harry Freeman (Cornell) James Watson (Penn) Jamie Ruggiero (Williams), Affeeq Ismail (Trinity), Tom De Mulder (Trinity), Shebab Thabet (Princeton), Matthew Toth (Rochester), and Ricardo Lopez (Rochester).

In the Molloy West Draw, the following players advanced: Tomotaka Endo (Rochester), Mahmoud Yousry (Bates), Omar Allaudin (Trinity), Tripp Kaelin (Yale), Oisin Logan (George Washington), Arjun Kochhar (Yale), Wyatt French (Middlebury), and Belal Nawar (St. Lawrence)