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College Squash Supports ReBound

reboundNew Haven, CT — Today, the College Squash Association is announcing that it will support the ReBound initiative in collaboration with the Professional Squash Association (PSA) and National Urban Squash Education Association (NUSEA).

The ReBound initiative aims to collect usable squash gear, such as racquets, goggles, shoes, and grips, and donate it to the emerging international affiliates of NUSEA. NUSEA operates a youth development model that combines the sport of squash with academics, mentoring, community service, and college placement for public school students in under-served communities. Emerging squash programs from Colombia, South Africa, India and Zimbabwe will benefit from the circulation of the collected gear that will allow over 200 children to play squash as part of their after school activities.

The ReBound initiative was initially launched in October at the US Open in Philadelphia where it collected over 150 items. It continues to collect at all PSA World Series events across the globe. 

Many of the College Squash Association’s member schools have supported NUSEA programs for years. This includes academic tutoring, mentoring, and squash play. The ReBound initiative will further expand the College Squash Association’s support of such programs that have a positive impact on the community through squash.

The College Squash Association will hold collections at this season’s championship weekends. All schools participating in the events are encouraged to bring squash gear to donate to the ReBound initiative.

With the support of players, coaches, alumni, parents, and the collegiate community, the College Squash Association hopes to collect a large amount of gear that will assist emerging international NUSEA programs.