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The College Squash Association Revamps Its Website

College Squash AssociationNorthampton, MA — Today the College Squash Association unveiled its updated website.

CollegeSquashAssociation.com officially launched on August 30, 2009. Over the past five years, the website has brought over 1,800 college squash stories to players, coaches, and fans.  The website has become the definitive source for all college squash information.

Smartphones and tablets have surpassed laptop and desktop computers as the most common devices used for viewing websites.  With this in mind, CollegeSquashAssociation.com’s new look features a responsive design that adjusts to different size screens, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop/laptop computers. With the new design, readers no longer have to zoom in on sections of the website to read articles on their phones.

In response to our readers, CollegeSquashAssociation.com’s menus have been simplified to five major choices:

  • History – information on past championships, award winners, and rankings
  • Matches – features match schedules and results
  • Rules – includes the rules of the College Squash Association
  • Teams – includes listings and information about men’s and women’s varsity, club, and emerging club teams
  • Archives – Information related to the CSA, conferences, tournaments, season previews, etc.

In addition to the menu changes, CollegeSquashAssociation.com has made it easier to share content through social media. Readers continue to have the ability to share content with the major social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and now also have the ability to share content by e-mail and countless other social media platforms. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow the College Squash Association on Twitter, Facebook, or through daily e-mail alerts.

Readers can bookmark the CSA on their smartphone
Readers can bookmark the CSA on their smartphones