Men’s Team Championships Updates and Reminders


Northampton, MA — On Thursday, the e-mail below was sent to men’s coaches and team contacts.

Dear College Squash Coaches and Team Leaders,

In this email:

    • Preliminary Draws Now Available
    • Reminder – Deadline February 10, 2014 at 12:00pm (noon) EST for CSA Men’s Team Championships Roster Submission
    • CSA Dues and Entry Fee Reminder

Preliminary Draws Now Available

Preliminary Draws are now online for the 2014 CSA Men’s Team Championships.  Full team start times will not be released until after the rankings are generated from matches played the weekend of February 7-9, but these draws will give teams a general idea of the weekend schedule and locations for each division.

Please note that all times and locations are subject to change.  Final draws and start times will be released next week.  Click on the below links for preliminary draws:

Roster Submission Deadline for CSA Men’s Team Championships

All teams participating in the 2014 Men’s Team Championships must submit their final roster order by Monday, February 10, 2014 at 12:00pm Eastern Time (noon). After reading the below roster information, please use the provided link to submit your final lineup order. If your team does not submit its roster by the deadline, the team must use the roster order from its final regular season match.

Team roster orders should be submitted in order from number 1 to number 11 (number 10 and 11 are not required if teams are only traveling with 9 players). Once the roster is submitted, the team may not change player order for the tournament.

While teams may list 11 players on their championship roster, only the top 10 are allowed to compete in the Team Championships. For instance, if a team either rests or incurs an injury to its number 7 player, the players listed as number 8, 9 and 10 would move up into the number 7, 8, and 9 positions. The number 11 player could play the exhibition match at number 10, but may not move up to the number 9 position should two players not participate.

If a team rests a player during any match in the tournament, this does not exclude the team from playing that player in their original position in a later match during the tournament.

All teams must field a full 9-player roster for the team championships. Should a team not be able to bring 9 players, it is not eligible for competition in the team championships and should notify the CSA immediately of its need to withdraw.

CSA Dues and Entry Fee Reminder

Teams must also be current in payments for CSA Dues and National Championship Fees. If you have any questions regarding your payment status, please contact Dent Wilkens at