Notre Dame: 2013 – 2014 Men’s College Squash Season Preview


Notre Dame, University of South Bend, IN — There’s some good news from South Bend: Notre Dame now has more courts to play on. “Over the summer we gained five more courts to practice on,” explains coach Geoff McCuen. The situation still isn’t ideal, but McCuen sees the positive. “They are 18-foot hardball courts that were relined to look like softball courts. But it’s better than sending players to run on a treadmill when the courts were full.” That Notre Dame also has full courts is also a good sign. Three starters from last season have graduated, and Michael O’Neill and Reilly Bench will be studying abroad in the spring, though they will be with the team in the fall. The Fighting Irish would like to qualify for the Serues Division, but if they compete in the G Division again, they hope to win the Hawthorn Cup. Last season they finished fifth in the G Division and 53rd overall, amassing an 8 and 11 record.

2012-2013 SEASON RECAP

Season Record: 8-11

Final Ranking: 53

Team Championships: 5th in the Hawthorn Cup


Program Status: Club

Head Coach: Geoff McCuen

Returning Players from Team Championships: 1. Michael DeSantis (2016);  4. TJ Sarda (2014); 5. Andrew Paisley (2014); 8. Joseph Whalen (2014); 9. Clayton Smith (2014); Paul Mickan

Studying Abroad During the Spring Semester: 3. Michael O’Neill (2015); Reilly Bench

Graduated/Non-Returning Players from 2012-2013 Team Championships: 2. Ryan Gisriel (2013); 6. Michael Todisco (2013 – Academic Recognition); 7. Brian Hurley (2013)

Captain: Michael DeSantis

Team Goals: To qualify for the Serues Cup division, or to win the Hawthorn Cup

Key Matches: All matches

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