Virginia: 2012 – 2013 Men’s College Squash Season Preview


Charlottesville, VA — “I fully believe that right now there isn’t a place in the entire squash world more exciting than Charlottesville, Virginia,” says University of Virginia coach Grant White. White has good reason to be excited: last spring the University announced a $12.4 million gift from the Quantitative Foundation to build a new squash facility, which will feature nine international courts and two hardball doubles courts. The founding of the Friends of Virginia Squash will also give the program additional financial and administrative support, so the long-term forecast for the Cavaliers looks promising. This season, the team will be focusing on building a solid foundation through practice and competition, which they will then build upon in the coming seasons. After finishing second in the F Division, the Cavaliers are looking to add more matches to their schedule to continue their growth. Sophomores Calvert Bauer and Teddy Dalglish have been busy as well, developing a small-scale youth squash enrichment program in Charlottesville. The two have partnered with a local non-profit organization to provide mentoring and support to local youths while introducing them to the sport. “Squash has been quietly gathering momentum across the region and now it’s about to take this campus by storm,” says White.

2011-2012 SEASON RECAP

Season Record: 5-4

Final Ranking: 42

Team Championships: 2nd in the Serues Cup (F Division)


Program Status: Club

Head Coach: Grant White

Returning Players from Team Championships: 2. Matt Brown; 3. Ned Whelan; 4. Roy Flemmer; 5. Noel Flemmer; 6. Zach Starsia; 7. Robert Patterson;  9. George Guthrie

Graduated/Non-Returning Players from 2012-2013 Team Championships: 1. James Patteson; 8. Michael Bender;  10. Austen Wells

Additions to the 2012-2013 Roster: Campbell Goodman, Jack Pellington, and Peter Dorsey

Captains: Roy Flemmer, Rob Patterson, and Zach Starsia

Team Goals:  To create a solid foundation with improved practice habits, and then build a legacy of success and sportsmanship upon that foundation.

Key Matches: Johns Hopkins, Bucknell, and Georgetown

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