College Squash Association Rule Updates (Fall 2011)


Northampton, MA — During the offseason, the College Squash Association made a few rule updates. Below is a high level summary of the changes.


  • Added penalties for teams listing “Not on Roster” players in their match results.   This update is to facilitate more accurate individual rankings.

Women’s Bylaws:

  • Updated Article IV: Officers & Duties
  • Updated Article V: Directors
  • Updated Article VI: Committees
  • Added Article VIII: Compliance – Section reads: “The WCSA requires all member programs to be in compliance with current NCAA guidelines applicable to their school and division. It is the member institution’s responsibility to ensure that their athletes are in compliance with these guidelines and that they can provide evidence of this if asked to do so by the Regulatory Committee. As needed, the Regulatory Committee may utilize a neutral body of advisors to evaluate and recommend actions. Failure of an athlete to be in compliance will result in this player not being able to represent their institution in WCSA events until compliance is achieved and may result in matches being defaulted where the ineligible player has competed.”
To see exact changes, please refer to the “Last Update on″ link at the bottom of the Penalties/Fines and Women’s Bylaw pages.