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College Squash World Squash Day Weekend Events

Northampton, MA — The 2011 – 2012 season has just begun for the majority of college squash teams.  This weekend, a number of matches will be held, including a round robin at the Naval Academy.

Saturday, November 5th, is World Squash Day.  This year, the World Squash Day is dedicated to encouraging more female particpation in squash. As such, be sure to check out the women’s matches at the Navy Round Robin.  Drexel, Johns Hopkins, and UVA will all be sending women’s teams to the event. A little farther south, Georgetown and George Washington will play on Friday night.  If you are in the New York area, be sure to stop by Vassar to see matches between Haverford, Smith, and Vassar on Saturday.

Here is the Navy Round Robin Schedule:

Friday, November 4th:

  • H1-3 Navy vs. Fordham (4 PM)
  • H1-3 Navy vs. Bard (6 PM)

Saturday, November 5th:

  • B1-3 Washington St. Louis vs. Fordham (9 AM)
  • H1-3 Navy vs. Johns Hopkins (M) (9 AM)
  • H4-6 Bard vs. UNC (9 AM)
  • B1-3 Bard vs. Duke (11 AM)
  • B4-6 UVA (M) vs. Notre Dame (11 AM)
  • H1-3 Navy vs. Drexel (M) (11 AM)
  • H4-6 Drexel (W) vs. Johns Hopkins (W) (11 AM)
  • B1-3 Bucknell vs. Fordham (1 PM)
  • B4-6 Washington St. Louis vs. UNC (1 PM)
  • H1-3 Johns Hopkins (M) vs. Drexel (M) (1 PM)
  • H4-6 Drexel (W) vs. UVA (W) (1 PM)
  • B4-6 Johns Hopkins (W) vs. UVA (W) (3 PM)
  • H1-3 Navy vs. Bucknell (3 PM)
  • H4-6 Bard vs. Washington St. Louis (3 PM)
  • B4-6 Washington St. Louis vs. Duke (5 PM)
  • H1-3 UVA (M) vs. Bucknell (5 PM)
  • H4-6 Fordham vs. Drexel (M) (5 PM)
  • H1-3 Notre Dame vs. UNC (7 PM)

Sunday, November 6th:

  • H1-3 Duke vs. Maryland (9 AM)
  • B1-6 Duke vs. Notre Dame (9 AM)
  • H4-6 Navy vs. Washington St. Louis (9 AM)