2011 Women’s College Squash Video: Ramsay Cup Round of 16 – Stanford and Penn


Hanover, NH — At the 2011 Women’s College Squash Individual Championships, the Ramsay Cup (“A” Division) round of 16 featured Pamela Chua (Stanford) and Nabilla Ariffin (Penn).

Both players earned All-American honors this season. Ariffin was named to the second team, while Chua was named to the first team.

To reach the round of 16, Ariffin defeated Stanford’s Cecilia Haig, while Chua defeated Bates’ Cherri-Ann Paris. Chua beat Ariffin in three very close games (11-8, 12-10, and 12-10).

Ariffin made it to the consolation semifinals by defeating Cornell’s Jaime Laird. She ended the tournament with a loss to Trinity’s Pamela Hathway. Chua lost in the Ramsay Cup quarterfinals to Harvard’s Laura Gemmell.

Below is video from the match between Ariffin and Chua.