College Squash Reminders (7/31): Team Previews and Championships


Northampton, MA —  On Sunday, the-mail below was sent to coaches, team contacts, and sports information directors.

Coaches, Team Contacts, and SIDs,

Hard to believe that August is upon us. Before we know it, the college squash season will be here. Here are a few announcements.

  • Team Preview Questionnaires: Team preview questionnaires should be distributed this week. As in past seasons, we have filled in known information for you. Please complete the questionnaires and return them. Similar to last season, we will only publish team previews for the teams that complete the questionnaire.
  • Championships Dates: The dates for the Championships have bee published. The 2011-2012 Men’s National Team Championships will be hosted by Princeton University on February 17th – 19th. The Women’s National Team Championships will be hosted by Harvard University on February 24th – 26th. The Individual Championship will be hosted by Amherst College on March 2nd – 4th.