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Dunlop Men’s College Squash Final Individual Rankings for the 2010 – 2011 Season

Northampton, MA — Today, the final [mir] of the 2010 – 2011 season were released.

The 2011 College Squash Individual Championships were a major factor in determining the final rankings. Please note that individual rankings are extremely complex and labor intensive to compile. Coaches had the opportunity to appeal final rankings prior to this publication.

In the coming days, the 2010 – 2011 Men’s College Squash Association All-American teams will be released.

Listed after each player’s name is their school.

  1. Todd Harrity (Princeton University)
  2. Nick Sachvie (Cornell University)
  3. Vikram Malhotra (Trinity College)
  4. Ben Fischer (Rochester, University of)
  5. Dave Letourneau (Princeton University)
  6. Andres Vargas (Trinity College)
  7. Gary Power (Harvard University)
  8. Parth Sharma (Trinity College)
  9. Kelly Shannon (Princeton University)
  10. Chris Hanson (Dartmouth College)
  11. Gabriel de Melo (Franklin & Marshall)
  12. Kenny Chan (Yale University)
  13. Chris Binnie (Trinity College)
  14. Randy Lim (Trinity College)
  15. Andres Duany (Rochester, University of)
  16. Thomas Spettigue (Cornell University)
  17. Hywell Robinson (Yale University)
  18. Richard Dodd (Yale University)
  19. Hameed Ahmed (Rochester, University of)
  20. Naishadh Lalwani (Yale University)
  21. Guilherme de Melo (Franklin & Marshall)
  22. Adam Perkiomacki (Rochester, University of)
  23. John Roberts (Yale University)
  24. Antonio Diaz (Trinity College)
  25. Chris Callis (Princeton University)
  26. Alex Domenick (Cornell University)
  27. Brandon McLaughlin (Harvard University)
  28. Peter Sopher (Princeton University)
  29. Reed Endresen (Harvard University)
  30. Will Newnham (Rochester, University of)
  31. Nick Sisodia (Dartmouth College)
  32. Richard Hill (Harvard University)
  33. John Fulham (Yale University)
  34. Islam El Fiky (George Washington University)
  35. Omar Sobhy (George Washington University)
  36. Joe Chapman (Rochester, University of)
  37. Johann Detter (Trinity College)
  38. Matt Domenick (Rochester, University of)
  39. Mike Lewis (Dartmouth College)
  40. Zeke Scherl (Harvard University)
  41. Rishi Jalen (Cornell University)
  42. David Pena (Princeton University)
  43. Nigel Koh (Harvard University)
  44. Juan Pablo Gaviria (Rochester, University of)
  45. Ryan Dowd (Yale University)
  46. Robby Berner (Yale University)
  47. Chris Jung (Dartmouth College)
  48. Maurice Sedano (F&M)
  49. Philip Sopher (Princeton University)
  50. Clay Blackiston (Princeton University)
  51. Tom Mullaney (Harvard University)
  52. Robby Maycock (Dartmouth College)
  53. Juan Flores (Trinity College)
  54. Thomas Mattsson (Pennsylvania, University of)
  55. James Clarke (Pennsylvania, University of)
  56. Arjun Gupta (Cornell University)
  57. Allan Lutz (Naval Academy, United States)
  58. Harry Smith (Colby College)
  59. Will Morris (Williams College)
  60. Alex Ma (Harvard University)
  61. Will Gruner (Williams College)
  62. John Steele (Wesleyan University)
  63. Graham Miao (Columbia University)
  64. Adrian Leanza (Brown University)
  65. Daniel Greenberg (Pennsylvania, University of)
  66. Valentin Quan (Middlebury College)
  67. Will Katz (Bates College)
  68. Brad Thompson (Brown University)
  69. Trevor McGuinness (Pennsylvania, University of)
  70. Dave Hilton (Cornell University)
  71. Vir Seth (St. Lawrence University)
  72. Blake Reinson (Brown University)
  73. Jeremy Heremann (Williams College)
  74. Luke Lee (Dartmouth College)
  75. Sujat Barua (Franklin & Marshall)
  76. Alex Dodge (St. Lawrence University)
  77. Hunter Bouchard (Naval Academy, United States)
  78. Tony Zou (Columbia University)
  79. Amay Merchant (St. Lawrence University)
  80. Andrew Kriete (Amherst College)
  81. Caleb Garza (Connecticut College)
  82. Alex Gross (Tufts University)
  83. Sam Gould (Stanford University)
  84. Jay Dolan (Middlebury College)
  85. Andy Bernard (Bowdoin College)
  86. Nick Echevarria (Bates College)
  87. Parker Hurst (Middlebury College)
  88. Stephan Danyluk (Bowdoin College)
  89. Jay Dalal (Northwestern University)
  90. Pedro Souza (Northeastern Unversity)
  91. Martin Bawden (Hamilton College)
  92. West Hubbard (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  93. Daniel Pelaez (Hobart College)
  94. Peter Nolan (Kenyon College)
  95. Tarit Rao-Chakravorti (Swarthmore College)