Reminder on Acceptable Eyewear, Marking/Referee Conduct, and Entering Individual Players in the US Squash Database


Northampton, MA — Earlier this week, the e-mail below was sent to coaches, team contacts, and sports information directors.

Coaches, Team Contacts, and SIDs,

Below are three important reminders from the College Squash Association:

Eyewear: Acceptable eyewear (eye protection) is required for all college squash matches, including warmups and match play. Standard eyewear (i.e. everyday prescription glasses) may not be worn in place of acceptable eyewear. According to the Eyewear Rules, “In the event of a player not having approved eyewear and a suitable replacement not being found, the player may forfeit the match.”

Marking/Refereeing: Please discuss the CSA’s Marking and Refereeing rules with your players. The referee and marker should be completely focused on the match and not discuss lets and strokes with other people. In addition, referees and markers should not cheer for players, issue verbal encouragement, or clap. These actions, although most likely unintentional, remove their neutrality. The College Squash Association recommends that a copy of the Refereeing chart be provided with the score sheet for each match.

Team Rosters for the US Squash Database: Many teams do not have their rosters in the US Squash database. Please add your players to the database (instructions) and go back and record their names in the match results. This is the only way we can have meaningful individual rankings.