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2009-2010 Women’s Final Individual Rankings (Update)

Northampton, MA — The College Squash Association’s final women’s individual rankings of 2009 – 2010 have been released. Previously, the College Squash Association released final individual rankings for the top 32 players;  this latest release covers the top 114 players.

The ranking committee was challenged by this year’s final rankings since there was tremendous parity between the players.

Top 114 Players (* denotes First Team All-Americans, ^ denotes Second Team All-Americans):

  1. Laura Gemmell (Harvard University)*
  2. Pamela Hathway (Trinity College)*
  3. Kristen Lange (Univeristy of Pennsylvania)*
  4. Logan Greer (Yale University)*
  5. Toby Eyre (Williams College)*
  6. Sarah Toomey (Yale University)*
  7. Nayelly Hernendez (Trinity College)*
  8. Amanda Siebert (Princeton University)
  9. Alia Aziz (Yale University)*
  10. Valeria Wiens (Dartmouth College)*
  11. Julie Cerullo (Princeton University)*
  12. Nour Bahgat (Trinity College)^
  13. Nirasha Gurgue (Harvard University)^
  14. June Tiong (Harvard University)^
  15. Pamela Chua (Stanford University)^
  16. Jackie Moss (Princeton University)^
  17. Alisha Mashruwala (Harvard University)^
  18. Sydney Scott (Univeristy of Pennsylvania)^
  19. Johanna Snyder (Harvard University)^
  20. Neha Kumar (Princeton University)^
  21. Nabilla Ariffin (University of Pennsylvania)^
  22. Shivangi Paranjpe (Cornell Univerity)
  23. Jaime Laird (Cornell Univerity)
  24. Natasha Kingshott (Harvard University)
  25. Tehani Guruge (Trinity College)
  26. Rachael Goh (Univeristy of Pennsylvania)
  27. Jennifer Coxe (Williams College)
  28. Emery Maine (Princeton University)
  29. Katy Brewster (Stanford University)
  30. Cheri-Ann Parris (Bates College)
  31. Yarden Odinak (Univeristy of Pennsylvania)
  32. Robyn Hodgson (Trinity College)
  33. Kerrie Sample (Stanford University)
  34. Rhetta Nadas (Yale University)
  35. Rebecca Hazell (Cornell University)
  36. Katherine O’Donnell (Harvard University)
  37. JoAnn Jee (Trinity College)
  38. Corey Schaefer (Dartmouth College)
  39. Britt Hebden (University of Pennsylvania)
  40. Annie Madeira (University of Pennsylvania)
  41. Bethan Williams (Harvard University)
  42. Cecilia Haig (Stanford University)
  43. Kaitlin Sennatt (Princeton University)
  44. Hannah Conant (Dartmouth College)
  45. Samantha Buechner (Stanford University)
  46. Alicia M. (Trinity College)
  47. Robyn Williams (Trinity College)
  48. Jennifer Gemmell (Cornell University)
  49. Liza Stokes (Cornell University)
  50. Rebecca Lau (Dartmouth College)
  51. Cecelia Cortes (Harvard University)
  52. Courtney Bolge (Williams College)
  53. Vidushi Gurunada (Mount Holyoke College)
  54. Lauren Gesswein (Bowdoin College)
  55. Sarah Mumanachit (Harvard University)
  56. Christina Matthias (University of Pennsylvania)
  57. Alexandra Van Arkel (Yale University)
  58. Katie Giovinazzo (Princeton University)
  59. Kathryn Ballaine (Yale University)
  60. Caroline Reigeluth (Yale University)
  61. Emily Paton (Trinity College)
  62. Nikki Sequierra (Princeton University)
  63. Elizabeth Brown (Dartmouth College)
  64. Laura Pyne (Brown University)
  65. Shara Robertson (Mount Holyoke College)
  66. Rachel Wagner (Cornell University)
  67. Pia Trikha (University of Pennsylvania)
  68. Hannah Laverty (Bates College)
  69. Avery Tilney (Middlebury College)
  70. Katie Harrison (Yale University)
  71. Emilie Kraft (Vassar College)
  72. Steph Vogel (University of Pennsylvania)
  73. Samantha Smith (Colby College)
  74. Tessa Martin (Northeastern University)
  75. Sarah Crosky (Brown University)
  76. Laura Henry (Williams College)
  77. Kelly Whipple (Hamilton College)
  78. Casey Cortes (Princeton University)
  79. Hayley Milbourne (Amherst College)
  80. Laura Robinson (Mount Holyoke College)
  81. Morgan Smith (Franklin & Marshall Colleges)
  82. Kyla Sherwood (Stanford University)
  83. Lauren Sachvie (Cornell University)
  84. Nikoo Fadaifard (Brown University)
  85. Kali Schellenberg (Brown University)
  86. Laurian Lue Yen (Mount Holyoke College)
  87. Alli Rubin (Williams College)
  88. Kate Pistel (Colby College)
  89. Aly Kerr (Yale University)
  90. Sophie Scherl (Brown University)
  91. Kathryn Bostwick (Middlebury College)
  92. Whitney Roller (Bates College)
  93. Caroline Henry (Williams College)
  94. Maxi Prinsen (Cornell University)
  95. Aditi Malawal (Stanford University)
  96. Tempest Bowden (Mount Holyoke College)
  97. Kathryn Corelli (Stanford University)
  98. Julie Koenig (Stanford University)
  99. Sarah Loucks (Dartmouth College)
  100. Maggie Remsen (Cornell University)
  101. Maura Doherty (Dartmouth College)
  102. Caroline Flynn (Connecticut College)
  103. Diana Sands (Northwestern University)
  104. Amanda Thorman (Hamilton College)
  105. Kate Bullard (George Washington University)
  106. Chandler Lusardi (Amherst College)
  107. Casey Simchick (Wesleyan University)
  108. Lauren Mathieu (George Washington University)
  109. Kelly Whelan (University of Virginia)
  110. Elizabeth Chu (Columbia University)
  111. Valerie Koo (Tufts University)
  112. Kristine Bell (Vassar College)
  113. Jen Hearn (St. Lawrence University)
  114. Amy Gillezeau (Chatham College)