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2009-2010 Scholar Athletes for the Men’s College Squash Association

Northampton, MA — Academic success is crucial to any college sport, including squash.  Therefore, the Men’s College Squash Association recognizes scholar athletes.

According to the Men’s Award Chair, Paul Assaiante (Trinity College), the following general guidelines are applied in evaluating scholar athletes:

  • Two-time varsity letter winner at the school he is currently attending;
  • Has a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above;
  • Junior or senior;
  • Enrolled at his present school for one full year prior to the present term; and
  • Played in 75% or more of the scheduled varsity matches.

Below are the 2009-2010 Men’s College Squash Association Scholar Athletes:

  • Arjun Agarwala (Vassar College)
  • Christopher Binnie (Trinity College)
  • Michael Bower (George Washington University)
  • Blay Bradley (Connecticut College)
  • Robert Hunt Broadfoot (Wesleyan University)
  • Ethan Buchsbaum (Williams College)
  • Pat Bugas (Stanford University)
  • Baset Chaudhry (Trinity College)
  • Ben Clayman (Brown University)
  • Franklin Cohen (Harvard University)
  • Clayton Dahlman (Columbia University)
  • Akhil Daswani (Northwestern University)
  • Daniel Gentile (Columbia University)
  • Sam Gould (Stanford University)
  • Adam Greenberg (Brown University)
  • Amar Gupta (Cornell University)
  • Robert Habib (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Alex Heitzmann (Brown University)
  • Jeremy Hermann (Williams College)
  • Palmer Higgins (Bowdoin College)
  • Kyle Holter (Vassar College)
  • Henrik Isom (Vassar College)
  • Simon Keyes (Middlebury College)
  • Hunter Kinsella (Vanderbilt University)
  • Dale Kobrin (Wesleyan University)
  • Nick Kramer (Amherst College)
  • Justin Langan (Naval Academy)
  • Alexander Lavoie (Harvard University)
  • Michael Lewis (Dartmouth College)
  • Daniel Lipsitz (Columbia University)
  • Sadiq Madraswala (Franklin & Marshall College)
  • Arun Makhija (Bowdoin College)
  • William McDavid (Columbia University)
  • Mehdi Naqvi (Vassar College)
  • Will Piekos (Middlebury College)
  • George Pratt (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Jake Ralston (Haverford College)
  • John Rosanelli (Vanderbilt University)
  • Kenneth Schlax (University of Notre Dame)
  • Mark Sorrentino (Middlebury College)
  • Ananth Sridhar (Stanford University)
  • Saahil Sud (Amherst College)
  • Bernard Yaros (Williams College)
  • Andrew Yoon (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Mick Zomnir (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)